Kick-off for the workshop series

November 19, 2018

Our project focuses on co-development with stakeholders including professionals from different fields (health, social and educational) as well as parents with a mental illness or adults who were children of parents with a mental illness. In our project we cooperate with these people, who are actively involved in their daily lives with the topic of children of a parent with a mental illness.


Under this approach, a working group was formed that contributes to the development of two practice approaches for Tyrol, across six workshops, together with the Village team.  

The first workshop took place on 07.11.2018 in Innsbruck. The focus of this workshop was to get a common picture of the situation and to jointly define the goals for the entire workshop series. Areas of change for Tyrol have also been developed in order to encourage sensitive identification and (formal and informal) support for children of parents with a mental illness in the future.